Saturday, 3 August 2019

August challenge

Sooo i found this challenge on pinterest and it seemed fairly fun and manageable. I used to really enjoy nail art challenges... I'm not sure im really up for the 'pressure' of a link up atm (are there even any anymore? Lol) but i think it'll be fun to play along on my own.

So far im off to a good start following prompts but a bad start posting them Haha.

Prompt 1- gradient

I decided to go all summery for this one. Cos, why not? Lol. Plus i challenged myself to something new with a stamping gradient, which ive never done before. I have to admit it's more just stripes than an actual gradient but i quite like it anyway lol. Polishes are models own polishes for tans over Barry m something or other (i think it might just be called white? Lol). And the plate is mo you London pro but i forget the number lol.

Prompt 2- recreation

Recreation of an old mani? Recreation of someone else's? I dunno. I went for the former cos the bell ropes happened to fit really well with the fact i was at a ringing event all day lol. Technically this is a double recreation cos i already recreated it once lol. I think it looks better this time though. And i matched the colour of the 'sallies' to the bells ive been ringing Haha. Base is cupcake polish, im afraid i forget the name lol. Yellow is rimmel bee my honey, green is Barry m spring green and black is rimmel black out.

So that's me all caught up... for now! Haha. We'll see how the rest of the challenge goes lol. x

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Sooo... it's been a while!

Having decided to write a blog post i can't think of anything to say! It's been such a long time and lots has happened (good and bad lol) and lots has changed... but equally lots hasn't lol.

I guess the point is ive recently started painting my nails again, after about three or four years of leaving my polishes pretty much untouched in a cupboard. And im really loving it. Ive been keeping it really simple to start with, i want to enjoy it not stress myself out! But im thinking of finding a challenge to do next month, just on my own not like a link up or anything so no pressure. I think that's the thing, i let the blogging (and nail painting by extension) become about other people, performing for an audience, albeit a very small one! When it was always supposed to be my thing for me, you know?

So now im trying to embrace 'me' a bit more and the nail polish is part of that... and i thought maybe blogging could be too. I don't know how much ill post and it'll probably be mainly just nail dumps so not very interesting for anyone to read... but that's ok, i don't expect anyone to and im happy with that Haha.

I might do a life update type thing at some point when i feel more comfortable... but then again i might not lol, we'll see. Im just here to enjoy myself! Now if only i could remember how to insert pictures on this app! Lol

Saturday, 9 April 2016

40 great nail art ideas- kids tv

It's 40gnai time again, how did that happen?! But anyway, this week was kids tv...which is a pretty huge selection to choose from lol.

So i pushed way beyond what I'm strictly capable of painting here but i just had to do Blue Peter. I loved it when i was young...i had a Blue Peter badge and everything haha.

I only used two polishes so i can actually remember for once: white is Barry m cotton and blue is nails Inc baker street. And there was lots of back and forth retouching going on with this haha, I'm not great with freehand!

And this is the pic i copied from:

Ok so it's not the neatest nail art ever but im quite pleased with it. I think it's quite recognisable at least :) ...if you squint and hold it at a distance it kinda looks similar to the original :p. And i enjoy playing around with freehand stuff so this was fun :). x

Monday, 4 April 2016

40 great nail art ideas- violet and geometric

So it's back to colour plus technique/pattern prompt this week. And an awesome colour it is :p. Anything in the purple line is fine by me. As for the prompt I'm not sure if I'm still right or not, i might have got a bit out but anyway I'm doing geometric. Which is rather fun....though calls for rather crisper lines than i was able to produce!

So the plan was very simple: purple base, tape squares in light purple, tape smaller squares in dark purple. Except i can't find my striping tape. Never fear! I have masking tape, that's gotta work right? I mean sellotape works and that's, you know, the clue is in the name: tape for masking.
Except this tape has been in my guide box since around the time of Robert Baden-Powell (a little girlguiding humour for you there lol) and, it turns out, is no longer very straight out very sticky. Except when it comes to sticking to itself, it's great at that. Lol.

Plus it was late at night and i had real issues getting anything resembling right angles or uniformity of size haha. It occurred to me when i was taking photos this morning (yay for hindsight!) that it may have worked better to nearly cut out the squares from the middle of the tape with a craft knife. Ho hum, next time perhaps....i kind of like this design in theory, i just lost the will to live a little in the end haha.

Polishes? Um yes. Max factor lacquered violet (hey, can't argue with the colour part of the prompt haha), barry m lap of honour and barry m black currant.
And my photography is appalling cos lacquered violet looks totally different in each of my pictures haha sorry.

I feel like this is a design I've seen somewhere but I've not managed to find it on pinterest or Google so can't give credit...i expect the original was far between executed haha! x

Monday, 28 March 2016

40 great nail art ideas- spring

Oops I'm late again! Though actually i did these on these on the correct day i just kind of totally forgot to post haha. It's been kind of a manic weekend.

Anywho. I really enjoyed this prompt :) i love spring, it's the best part of the year as far as I'm concerned. The days are getting longer and the weather is getting better and everything comes back to life. I hate winter with a passion and spring has a hugely positive effect on my mental health.

But anyway. Onto the nails. I kept it really simple with blue skies and daisies. What more could you want? Haha.

Polish wise, um? I'm not entirely sure cos i used lots of different colours at random lol. I started with a pale blue nails Inc which i think is called regent's place. Then i dabbed on cupcake polish 'joy', which you can't really see in the photos but the holo snuck out every so often irl, which i enjoyed.

Then i sponged on barry m malibu and barry m coconut to finish the sky. The grass was a mixture of sponging and brush strokes using barry m key lime, barry m watermelon, a non gelly barry m i forget the name of and a revlon that i also forget the name of. The daisies are barry m coconut and nails Inc Carnaby street i believe.

And just for fun here's a pic of my left hand since it turned out surprisingly un-hideous lol.

I kind of liked this one actually. I'm not good at the whole 'pretty pictures' type of nail art but it was fun and cheerful and you could tell what it was supposed to be. Plus i liked how the sky turned if only the sky irl would follow suit! Haha.

So there we are. Yay for spring :D. x

Sunday, 20 March 2016

40 great nail art ideas- 3 shades of green

...and fluid lines.

Um. I haven't done the blogging thing for a while. A long while in fact :s. But i was enjoying this challenge before so I'm trying to get back into it and stick with it this time. So here we are with three greens and some wiggly lines lol.

Excuse the shocking photos. And the shocking state of my nails and cuticles and what not. I'm working on that. Now that I've stopped biting them lol, which was not conducive to pretty painting haha.

The three greens are sinful colors mint apple as a base. Then some random curly squiggles in a-England st George and barry m Arabian. The latter is a duochrome that has a lot of gold leanings and does show pretty much entirely gold in the pics but i still reckon i can just about get away with calling it green :p.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

40 great nail art ideas- Christmas

Wow. Christmas. That is all lol.

Busy, busy...goes with the time of year i guess. But i did get a chance to paint my nails for a ringers social type thing on Monday so here's Christmas.

It couldn't get much simpler. Maybelline black out, maybelline winner takes it all and a little brush. Oh and some tape to keep the Christmas trees rectangular.

Not the most festive colours exactly but i just really love black and gold together haha.

I think my brain still hasn't caught on to the idea of Christmas yet. Though I'll be working and we're celebrating on Monday instead anyway so eh. Lol. I really should finish my Christmas shopping i guess!

Oh well. Have a lovely one! x

Sunday, 13 December 2015

40 great nail art ideas- winter

Lalala this will be a proper post at some point. Things got rather busier than I'd anticipated and i missed last week so here's a two for one:

Winter is coming plus last week which was glitter topper + decal. And it's shite. But stamping isn't something i do often (i bought two new plates recently and that doubled my collection haha). So. Here i made stamping decals with one of the moyou london pro collection but i forget which. And the moyou london black polish. The snowflakes are a moyou london nature plate but again who knows which? And moyou london white polish.

Other polishes. Nails Inc regent's place (base), maybelline winner takes all (gold), Tara talons naughty or nice (red and green glitter) and model's own jack frost (background glitter).

I'm not all that pleased but i didn't want to miss another week. I'm repeating myself. Must make time for this challenge this week. Hourly I'll come back and edit this post at some point too but in really tired right now haha. x