Tuesday, 22 December 2015

40 great nail art ideas- Christmas

Wow. Christmas. That is all lol.

Busy, busy...goes with the time of year i guess. But i did get a chance to paint my nails for a ringers social type thing on Monday so here's Christmas.

It couldn't get much simpler. Maybelline black out, maybelline winner takes it all and a little brush. Oh and some tape to keep the Christmas trees rectangular.

Not the most festive colours exactly but i just really love black and gold together haha.

I think my brain still hasn't caught on to the idea of Christmas yet. Though I'll be working and we're celebrating on Monday instead anyway so eh. Lol. I really should finish my Christmas shopping i guess!

Oh well. Have a lovely one! x

Sunday, 13 December 2015

40 great nail art ideas- winter

Lalala this will be a proper post at some point. Things got rather busier than I'd anticipated and i missed last week so here's a two for one:

Winter is coming plus last week which was glitter topper + decal. And it's shite. But stamping isn't something i do often (i bought two new plates recently and that doubled my collection haha). So. Here i made stamping decals with one of the moyou london pro collection but i forget which. And the moyou london black polish. The snowflakes are a moyou london nature plate but again who knows which? And moyou london white polish.

Other polishes. Nails Inc regent's place (base), maybelline winner takes all (gold), Tara talons naughty or nice (red and green glitter) and model's own jack frost (background glitter).

I'm not all that pleased but i didn't want to miss another week. I'm repeating myself. Must make time for this challenge this week. Hourly I'll come back and edit this post at some point too but in really tired right now haha. x