Sunday, 23 November 2014

Anti-bullying week

Ok, so I'm a little late as this was last week but i still thought I'd share since it's important. I don't really have anything deep and meaningful to say on the subject, just that bullying is shit. And ruins (or even ends) lives. For actual information click here.

The nails are dull. Navy is the colour of the bullying awareness ribbon. This particular navy is rimmel salon pro rhythm and blues and the pale blue is one of the Barry  m silks called mist. The black outline is essie licorice. X

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Another random NOTD

So there's no real reason for today's nails (actually they're not today's anyway, they're from about Saturday), other than i was bored and fancied playing lol. The whole argyll jumper thing is something I've been wanting to try since the latest Barry M gellys came out, i think they'd be perfect for this type of design. None of the colours here are from that collection mind you, haha. There are two Barry M gelly though, the lighter blue is guava and the white/cream is coconut. The base blue is nails Inc baker street. And yes i could only be bothered to do a design on two nails of each hand lol. And yes I'm covering up some major chips on the middle finger ;). And my cuticles nded attention! My hands are in horrible condition atm, plus my nails are breaking like mad! Ho-hum.
Anyway, nvm, pictures. X

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Remembrance day nails

Finally something that promoted me to post!
Remembrance day. I've always liked it... or maybe liked is the wrong word, I've always felt it was important. The guides parade down the high street every year in smartest uniform with the scouts and the cadets and the Royal British Legion (amongst others) lay their wreath and do their colours and pay their respects. I couldn't make it this year as I work Sundays (though we did ring in the afternoon, half muffled). And of course this year is particularly poignant, being 100 years since the start of WW1. So I thought I'd paint my nails.
It had to be poppies of course, what else? The red is even called 'poppy' and it's one of the latest Barry m silks. The grey is also Barry M- Chai. The green is a-England St George and the black nails Inc black taxi.
I hope you think they turned out ok. x

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Nail of the day

Or more accurately 'nail of two days ago' lol. In a bid to actually DO something with my nails (even though I'm not speaking to them, as they keep breaking haha!), i thought I'd attempt water spotting (is that the term?).

I must admit what i created more than anything was a lot of mess lol. I don't think they turned out too badly in the end though? The blue is nails Inc kabaret and the silver is a color club with no name on the bottle....look at that i actually listed the polishes accurately! Haha.

Oh well, that's about it, I'm off to put polish back on my nails lol (Barry m pomegranate, if you were wondering :p). Night. X

Monday, 3 November 2014

Ah, oops!

Has it really been over a month since i posted? How rubbish of me! I do actually have some things to post...although not right now as i have a new phone and haven't got around to transferring the photos i need. I still have tarastalons swatches, and they've been augmented by lots of Barry M and some beautiful glitters from some others i think though i forget lol.

I haven't however been doing much nail art which is something that needs rectifying. Things have been a little blah tbh and i just can't be bothered with anything, so i must start making an effort...again! I really hate winter. And i need to start behaving and leave bad habits alone. Except when i was discharged Tal basically said it was ok sometimes, and my gp told me once a fortnight or so was really good. So why bother? cos i want to be well? Oh yeah, that. Blah, such effort haha!

...and that went in a random direction, that's not really what i meant to say. I need some sleep :p. Good things:
-ringing :)
-running science badge at guides this week :p
-passed my alq so officially a proper leader
-passed health and social care course
-bought a tonne of new music
-holiday soon (more ringing  hehe)

Yup. X

Ps. Scruffy nails, i was in a rush :p (and i need cuticle cream!!)