Friday, 30 October 2015

40 great nail art ideas- Halloween

Ok so i admit it, I'm not really a huge fan of Halloween tbh. Spoil sport, right? Lol. I have nothing against it per se (and i do like an excuse to play dress up) it just doesn't excite me all that much. So i was a bit stuck for ideas. My initial plan was an apple bobbing themed 'pond mani' but that kind of failed haha (see end of post). So instead i found a matte black an some red and did something gory :p.

That's after clean up but actually i kind of prefer it before, for that extra gore factor lol.

I used one end of a revlon chalkboard nail art thingy (technical!) And barry m blood orange plus a little barry m dead heat on the index. Incidentally that finger was inspired somewhat by a couple of recent gory manis by piggie luv (and I'm really sorry i can't remember how to add the link on this app but Google her, she's seriously amazing).

I'm fairly happy with the result in the end, even if it was just randomly thrown together lol. The finger prints on my middle finger and thumb didn't show up great in the photos though. I'm a big murder mystery fan so this pleased me haha. Plus i did actually start training to be a forensic scientist dealing with crime scenes and evidence and such way back in the dim and distant past. My work area now looks rather like a crime scene itself tbh lol.

Oh and the less than successful plan A:

Now it's bed time....hopefully without nightmares! Haha.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

40 great nail art ideas- orange, purple and green

Hmph the Internet cut out and ate my post. Helpful. Lol. Oh well. I'm late anyway so that'll teach me! i kind of threw a bit of strop about this one and nearly didn't bother. Bad katie haha.

I have no idea where exactly I'd be camouflaged with these colours! Lol. I dunno, i didn't love this prompt much, it's the sort of random, free form technique i find really difficult. Insecurity lol. I don't think it turned out too badly in the end though?

Polishes are barry m satsuma and spring green, model's own pukka purple and then maybelline color shock black out to create different shades.

Ho hum. Lol.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

40 great nail art ideas- geeks

Wow, I'm not sure how another week has been and gone since the last time i did this challenge. And, oh look, I'm late again! Lol. Oh well, better luck next week.

So. Another theme week this week. And 'geeks'...which is far more vague than it sounds, as it turns out lol. I've been all I've the place with ideas for this mani. I'd finally decided on being a bell ringing geek and doing method themed nails again but then i had a sudden change of heart at the last minute.

So instead we have science.

In more detail we have a representation of Guanine on my thumb. This is a major component of DNA. It's called a nucleotide base and is one of four: A (adenosine) which pairs with T (thymine) and G (guanine) which pairs with C (cytosine). Or i think that's right. I'll stop there cos it's a bit late for a science lecture lol.

Index finger is the famous formula for working out energy, E. But I've whacked some brackets in and timesed it by two because i wanted 2E. Can you see where this is going? Lol.

The middle finger is a diagram of the electrons in an atom of potassium. It's a reactive metal in group 1 of the periodic table and has the chemical symbol K.

The ring finger is *supposed* to be a map of the human Y chromosome, but i copied an image from Wikipedia so it could be anything really :p. The Y chromosome is one of two chromosomes that determine gender, X and Y (like the Coldplay song haha), XX for a girl and XY for a boy.

Finally by the pinky i didn't really know what to do so i added the symbol for 'female'.

So we have:
Guanine- G
2x the formula for energy - EE
Potassium- K
Male chromosome- Y

GEEKY. Yay. Lol. And female symbol so i can be a geeky girl lol.

Polishes: base is Barry m road rage (cos it's what i had on already haha), white is nails Inc floral street, red is Barry m dead heat, blue is Barry m damson, grey is Barry m chai, lilac is Barry m prickly pear and the black is acrylic paint. Huh, i didn't think I'd used that many polishes lol.

Yea so this was seriously fiddly (those rings on potassium!) And it's so far from prefect it's untrue. But im still kind of pleased with it :).

Sunday, 11 October 2015

World mental health day mani

Soo i haven't managed to post got many awareness days lately but i didn't want to miss this one.

The theme this year is dignity and I've been trying to put a post together on the subject but im really tired and brain just isn't cooperating so the nails will have to suffice till tomorrow :).

I was aiming for something a bit more....classy than my usual awareness manis. I'm not sure i quite managed that but i do quite like the result.

It had to be green because that's the colour for mental health awareness; the greens i chose are sinful colors mint apple (thumb and ring base), a- England st George (index and pinkie base plus ring detail and outlines on thumb and middle), nails Inc battersea (middle and detail on thumb) and rimmel roll in the grass (index middle and pinkie details). Oh and studs from i don't know where in index fingers. Lol.

Oh well. It's definitely bedtime i think. Hopefully my little pet brain cell will feel more able to construct sentence in the subject of dignity in mental health by tomorrow. Lol. x

Saturday, 10 October 2015

40 great nail art ideas- teal

Hello I'm late again! Sorry, such disorganisation.

So this is the second week of this challenge and works slightly differently. Last week was a freestyle creative prompt and that will happen on alternate weeks. The other weeks, like this week, the theme will be a colour or similar. *but* there's a second half to the prompt and that's a pattern...and each participant starts at a different point in the pattern list. So while I'm doing teal brushstroke others will be doing teal dotticures or teal water marbles etc.

So yes. Teal brushstroke mani. I'll be honest, i really don't like this one. I like this style of manicure but this just didn't turn out that great imho. Partly in just grumpy cos every single one of my nails broke this week. They're now really short and i don't think that suits this style very well tbh because it's all very crammed in. Nvm.

Note the beautiful British autumn weather in the background haha. Snapped on the way to ringing because that's how much i cba with this mani lol.

Polishes are barielle 'a bouquet for ava', barry m 'almond', rimmel 'neon fest' (why do i own no opaque hot pinks? That would have helped lol) and model's own 'bronze rage'.

Anyway, next week the theme is geek which should be quite fun :). Check the in linkz to see what combinations everyone else got. x

Saturday, 3 October 2015

40 great nail art ideas- hobbies

Yay a new challenge, fun :). It's all designed by The Crumpet and I'm seriously excited. But more on that in another post cos I'm also seriously lacking in words right now.

So the prompt is hobbies. Now I'm big on hobbies. I've had a lot of them lol.

Atm it's mainly bell ringing (thumb) that's taking over my life.

But i also read a lot, which is represented by my middle finger. The ring and index are both things i mean to do more but never do, play clarinet and swim.

Though the ring also represents music which i listen to ALL the time lol.

Have i run out of fingers yet? Oh little finger is the girl guide logo :).

Sorry my hands and nails are a bit scruffy atm but nvm :). Check out the inlinkz to see what the really clever people did :p.