Sunday, 23 November 2014

Anti-bullying week

Ok, so I'm a little late as this was last week but i still thought I'd share since it's important. I don't really have anything deep and meaningful to say on the subject, just that bullying is shit. And ruins (or even ends) lives. For actual information click here.

The nails are dull. Navy is the colour of the bullying awareness ribbon. This particular navy is rimmel salon pro rhythm and blues and the pale blue is one of the Barry  m silks called mist. The black outline is essie licorice. X

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Another random NOTD

So there's no real reason for today's nails (actually they're not today's anyway, they're from about Saturday), other than i was bored and fancied playing lol. The whole argyll jumper thing is something I've been wanting to try since the latest Barry M gellys came out, i think they'd be perfect for this type of design. None of the colours here are from that collection mind you, haha. There are two Barry M gelly though, the lighter blue is guava and the white/cream is coconut. The base blue is nails Inc baker street. And yes i could only be bothered to do a design on two nails of each hand lol. And yes I'm covering up some major chips on the middle finger ;). And my cuticles nded attention! My hands are in horrible condition atm, plus my nails are breaking like mad! Ho-hum.
Anyway, nvm, pictures. X

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Remembrance day nails

Finally something that promoted me to post!
Remembrance day. I've always liked it... or maybe liked is the wrong word, I've always felt it was important. The guides parade down the high street every year in smartest uniform with the scouts and the cadets and the Royal British Legion (amongst others) lay their wreath and do their colours and pay their respects. I couldn't make it this year as I work Sundays (though we did ring in the afternoon, half muffled). And of course this year is particularly poignant, being 100 years since the start of WW1. So I thought I'd paint my nails.
It had to be poppies of course, what else? The red is even called 'poppy' and it's one of the latest Barry m silks. The grey is also Barry M- Chai. The green is a-England St George and the black nails Inc black taxi.
I hope you think they turned out ok. x

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Nail of the day

Or more accurately 'nail of two days ago' lol. In a bid to actually DO something with my nails (even though I'm not speaking to them, as they keep breaking haha!), i thought I'd attempt water spotting (is that the term?).

I must admit what i created more than anything was a lot of mess lol. I don't think they turned out too badly in the end though? The blue is nails Inc kabaret and the silver is a color club with no name on the bottle....look at that i actually listed the polishes accurately! Haha.

Oh well, that's about it, I'm off to put polish back on my nails lol (Barry m pomegranate, if you were wondering :p). Night. X

Monday, 3 November 2014

Ah, oops!

Has it really been over a month since i posted? How rubbish of me! I do actually have some things to post...although not right now as i have a new phone and haven't got around to transferring the photos i need. I still have tarastalons swatches, and they've been augmented by lots of Barry M and some beautiful glitters from some others i think though i forget lol.

I haven't however been doing much nail art which is something that needs rectifying. Things have been a little blah tbh and i just can't be bothered with anything, so i must start making an effort...again! I really hate winter. And i need to start behaving and leave bad habits alone. Except when i was discharged Tal basically said it was ok sometimes, and my gp told me once a fortnight or so was really good. So why bother? cos i want to be well? Oh yeah, that. Blah, such effort haha!

...and that went in a random direction, that's not really what i meant to say. I need some sleep :p. Good things:
-ringing :)
-running science badge at guides this week :p
-passed my alq so officially a proper leader
-passed health and social care course
-bought a tonne of new music
-holiday soon (more ringing  hehe)

Yup. X

Ps. Scruffy nails, i was in a rush :p (and i need cuticle cream!!)

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Just some random nails

Because I don't really have anything to say for myself. These are some of the things I've worn lately. I have a few mh posts planned, a random brain-fart post and some swatches (Tarastalons plus the dark metal lacquer ones that I still haven't posted!). I need to get back into the swing of blogging... But I've been saying that for ages. I'm struggling to feel motivated to do anything lately! Lol. Still I sorted all my paperwork for ringing today so that's a plus.

We have:
-saran wrap with Barry m cocoa and maybelline winner takes it all (is that what it's called? Lol). I actually kinda liked this one. Cocoa was genuinely like chocolate, especially during application, and the end result made me think of posh truffles a little bit lol.

- a textured gradient with two rimmel space dust polishes, silver shooting star and total eclipse which is a weird mix of colours black with flecks of green and violet but didn't really photograph well. I was pleasantly surprised with how smoothly they worked as a gradient... But of course clean up was a total mare! Lol.

- finally, some stamping. A color club silver that has no name on it stamped on a nelly polish (also not named because it was mix your own and I forgot to label the bottle). The stamp is text (peace and love and stuff) and comes from a random plate from born pretty store. This description is not very informative. I felt a bit meh about this one. And even more so about the photos which are about as enlightening as this description lol.

I'm pretty sure I haven't posted these before. I have a few more randoms (including a couple I planned to use for last week's colour me crazy: contrasting. Oops!). But they'll keep. X

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Last night of the proms-slightly behind! Lol

Yea so it took me a really long time to get round to posting this!

Anyway, my brother is a chef and every year the pub where he works does a fancy, seven course, black tie meal for the last night of the proms. Well except he doesn't work there now so this year's was the last big event he was going to be chef-ing.

It took me a really long while to decide what to do on my nails but in the end I went for a glitter gradient, which for some reason I've never done before. I ended up being in a rush so it's kinda scruffy but not bad for a first attempt... and I did like the bling lol. It's a-England hurt no living thing (omg I love this polish!!) Over Barry m Chai. The purple is from the rimmel rita ora collection but I can't remember the actual name. Silver/Black glitter in pretty side is quirk, fifty shades of dorian grey. The purple glitter is tarastalons diamonds (which I think was a polish club polish?).

So pictures. I've added a few outfit ones because, well, I never wear fancy dresses so it's worth recording lol. Plus I thought I'd point out that I did actually try to coordinate my nails haha.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Colour me crazy- complimenting

Aka, the Barry M show! So I've gone a little Barry M mad lately, I must admit. I just totally feel in love with their autumn gellys. Plus a few other random ones leapt into my basket as I was walking round boots. So I thought I'd past a mish mash of the random things I've been doing with them as I think all of them can probably be classed as complimenting (the autumn ones work really well together btw).
- a reciprocal gradient with mustard and paprika
- some random simple dots with mustard and cardamom
- a weird kinda ruffian kinda thing with chilli and caramel (which is matte (I top coated but I've included a (pre clean up) photo of it still matte too))
- basic accent with cardamom and cappuccino.... This is basically my go to style if I want something vaguely interesting but have no time or energy. I don't know why but you'll notice a large proportion of my manis involve a thumb and ring accent.


I like some of these more than others... But I've enjoyed playing. And I think the only untried I have now is cocoa, I'm not entirely sure what to do with that yet. X

Small gestures- a polishy gift

Ok so I confess, there's no real point in this post. Just that brother's gf came home and gave me a bottle of polish. It was only a small thing but I appreciated it. It's been a long week and it made me smile. Never underestimate the power of silly little things :).
The polish itself is a purple (hence her buying it, hence it beyond a sweet gesture) from bourjois. I've always passed over the brand, for largely silly reasons (I never got on very well with their make up, and I don't like the bottle shape (very silly lol)). But it was actually really nice... It applied easily, the wide brush was easy to work with (and that weird shaped lid that put me off was nice to hold haha). And I really like the colour obviously.
So tonight im happy (well except that I start work in about five hours lol). Plus, big polish news of the week, tarastalons is back!! If you've been around a while you may be aware of how obsessed I am with this brand :p lol. Plus that's fifty per cent off atm... so I went on a little spending spree hehe. Go visit the shop here. X

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Colour me crazy-pastel

Aka omg she actually posted one on time!
Though I'm not very happy with the result tbh. Pastels aren't really my thing and I don't own many.... They kinda don't really sot my skin tone, or indeed my personality lol. So I was a bit stumped.
In the end I went for rimmel, breakfast in bed (a shimmery pastel Green) and a-england guinevere....which is possibly stretching the bounds of pastel a little but I'm totally in love with it so there :p it's a beautiful dusky purple. And for some reason my pics are making it look rather Brown!
I did some very lazy nail art. Dotty flowers (which I've been meaning to do for a while cos I love them... But these are sloppy) and some random dots. I really don't like the dots along the tips much by those three nails looked like they needed some green.
Ho hum. Don't forget to check out other people's interpretation of pastel. X

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

World suicide prevention day

Why does Blogger eat my posts? Oh well here is what I posted on Facebook earlier today, I think that about sums it up:

So today is world suicide prevention day. For some reason I find myself hesitant to write this status, more so than any if my other mental health awareness ones. I think probably suicide is the ultimate taboo when it comes to mental health, nobody talks about it. Which is odd considering WHO suggests one person dies from it every 40 seconds.
But no, we don't talk about it. It's not pleasant to talk about. But it is important. Often people seem to think bringing up the subject will 'give them ideas'. Erm? I can think of any number of reasons people may kill themselves.... talking about it isn't one of them. In fact NOT talking is more likely to be a cause. People who are feeling alone and vulnerable keep quiet, end up feeling even more alone and vulnerable, things escalate and a solvable problem becomes overwhelming.

So often people who commit, attempt or talk about suicide are accused of being selfish. No. In a lot of ways, yes suicide is a selfish ACT. That doesn't make someone a selfish PERSON. Maybe someone thinks about the pain they'll cause those left behind our maybe they don't. Often they CAN'T. The situation or mental illness or whatever is so consuming, so all encompassing that nothing else matters, it's not possible to think of anything else. You know when you're in so much pain you can't think? Can't register the world around you? That.

And finally you try to talk about it and you're accused of attention seeking, if you really wanted to die you could do it right? So obviously you're not serious. It is possible to have suicidal thoughts and want to live at the same time. To have horrible intrusive thoughts but still want, and try, to fight them. Imagine an annoying song stuck in your head, except instead of 'build me up buttercup' it's 'I can't do this, I want this to stop, I want out' over and over.

This is getting really long so I'm going to shut up. My only point is, it's ok to talk about this stuff. Not pleasant, but ok. 08457 90 90 90.

Oh and I painted my nails obviously, cos that's what I do. X

This is something that means an awful lot to me, for several reasons and I find it hard to come up with exactly the right words but there you go. The nails are Barry m Chai on all nails except the ring which is model's own bikini and the details were added with the same two polishes. The studs I believe cane in the last tarastalons treasure trove. Yellow comes from the colour of the suicide awareness ribbon, the sun isn't there for any particular reason other than as a symbol of hope and a glimmer of brightness in the grey. I tried really hard with these and I would love if they were neater but tbh I'm pretty happy, the lettering came out better than I expected even if it's still kinda scruffy lol.
But this is long so here's some pictures.... and stay safe. X

Late again!

Ah, I'm getting worse at this! Colour me crazy theme last week was neon. I did neon nails... But not until about eleven Sunday night and by the time I was done I didn't have the energy to post (and I wanted to sleep lol).
So we have them now, halfway through the next week. I'll try really hard this week I promise!

I love neon a lot (you may remember my week off total neon obsession over the summer) but I couldn't for the life of me think what to do for this. In the end I plumped for a link and yellow gradient with two of the models own polish for tans collection (bikini and sun hat). I then did a reciprocal gradient on the thumb and ring finger. I followed a tutorial from globe and nail which I found via pinterest. My gradients all need some practice (which I don't get because I'm always too lazy to face the resultant clean up lol) but I did enjoy the colours. X