Sunday, 20 March 2016

40 great nail art ideas- 3 shades of green

...and fluid lines.

Um. I haven't done the blogging thing for a while. A long while in fact :s. But i was enjoying this challenge before so I'm trying to get back into it and stick with it this time. So here we are with three greens and some wiggly lines lol.

Excuse the shocking photos. And the shocking state of my nails and cuticles and what not. I'm working on that. Now that I've stopped biting them lol, which was not conducive to pretty painting haha.

The three greens are sinful colors mint apple as a base. Then some random curly squiggles in a-England st George and barry m Arabian. The latter is a duochrome that has a lot of gold leanings and does show pretty much entirely gold in the pics but i still reckon i can just about get away with calling it green :p.