Monday, 3 November 2014

Ah, oops!

Has it really been over a month since i posted? How rubbish of me! I do actually have some things to post...although not right now as i have a new phone and haven't got around to transferring the photos i need. I still have tarastalons swatches, and they've been augmented by lots of Barry M and some beautiful glitters from some others i think though i forget lol.

I haven't however been doing much nail art which is something that needs rectifying. Things have been a little blah tbh and i just can't be bothered with anything, so i must start making an effort...again! I really hate winter. And i need to start behaving and leave bad habits alone. Except when i was discharged Tal basically said it was ok sometimes, and my gp told me once a fortnight or so was really good. So why bother? cos i want to be well? Oh yeah, that. Blah, such effort haha!

...and that went in a random direction, that's not really what i meant to say. I need some sleep :p. Good things:
-ringing :)
-running science badge at guides this week :p
-passed my alq so officially a proper leader
-passed health and social care course
-bought a tonne of new music
-holiday soon (more ringing  hehe)

Yup. X

Ps. Scruffy nails, i was in a rush :p (and i need cuticle cream!!)