Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Remembrance day nails

Finally something that promoted me to post!
Remembrance day. I've always liked it... or maybe liked is the wrong word, I've always felt it was important. The guides parade down the high street every year in smartest uniform with the scouts and the cadets and the Royal British Legion (amongst others) lay their wreath and do their colours and pay their respects. I couldn't make it this year as I work Sundays (though we did ring in the afternoon, half muffled). And of course this year is particularly poignant, being 100 years since the start of WW1. So I thought I'd paint my nails.
It had to be poppies of course, what else? The red is even called 'poppy' and it's one of the latest Barry m silks. The grey is also Barry M- Chai. The green is a-England St George and the black nails Inc black taxi.
I hope you think they turned out ok. x