Saturday, 18 July 2015

Nails + bells = happy

Soo i love nails, i think that's fairly obvious lol. I also love bellringing...a lot. Even more than i love nails. It's always been a really healthy influence for me. I've been doing it about nine years now including during the time when i was most unwell. And I've met some great people and done some really fun and challenging things. People always go on about the importance of hobbies and i agree on that one.

But anyway, this isn't a sales pitch :p. Occasionally when I'm feeling silly and have some time to spare nails and ringing collide and i end up with fun but wildly geeky nail art. As follows lol.


I *think* i painted these for a ringing meeting last month. Sallies (the fluffy bits on the ropes) on index and pinky, a method (one of the specific patterns we ring - and one of the simplest) across middle and ring and 'that's all' on my thumb. 'That's all' is important because it means we're stopping and you can all hear yourselves think again :p. The thumb on my other hand said 'GO!' which is self explanatory lol.

Polishes, polishes. Hmm. Barry m prickly pear on base. White would be barry m cotton, blue is nails Inc baker street and red is either nails Inc or rimmel i think. The black is probably nails Inc black taxi.


So these were for our association AGM. It was a special one this year celebrating a key ringing event/achievement, the first peal, which happened 300 years ago in Norwich. NDAR are the association initials (norwich diocesan association of ringers), the patterns are vaguely method like but not a real thing lol. The bells are the logo of an appeal to raise money for improvements to the local church where the first peal was rung.

Polishes would be cotton again for the white. The green is possibly barry m cardamom but more likely a nails Inc that I've forgotten the name of lol.


Sorry excuse the hideous state of these, i didn't get round to photographing til the end of the day. These were got a meeting again. The three things we do are ring (hence the bell rope), talk (hence the writing- i do a lot of that since i have to take minutes, yawn lol) and most importantly, eat cake! Lol.

Think the base is probably prickly pear again? again black is black taxi, blue is baker street, white is cotton and red is whatever it was before lol. Think the pale pink and blue in the cupcake are barry m rosehip and elderberry but maybe not. I was pretty chuffed with the cupcakes cos they were stamping decals and whilst they're far from prefect they did actually work lol.

So there you go that's it for now. There's a meeting coming up soon though so who knows lol.