Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Nail dump!

Oh dear. It's been a while. I've been a bit all over the place (good and bad and working on being better lol) and pretty busy with reality and stuff too :). I've not been painting my nails do much and doing nail art even less but im working on changing that cos i do really enjoy it.
Anyway, for now here's a random selection of things i have been doing.

Purple :D. I quite liked these even though the stamping is off on my thumb and smudged on my ring haha. And i love the dark purple polish which is Barry m supersonic. I think the other purple is Barry m need for speed but not entirely sure.

These were random and not my usual style but one of my colleagues loved them so that was nice :). Barry m blood orange and nails Inc noho leather effect. And some random studs lol.

Excuse the cuticles :s. Two barry m i think- grapefruit and guava perhaps? Now this is more my style and i loved the colours.

I kind of really didn't like these. Not for any reason i just didn't lol. I'm not sure what the base is but i think it might be a ciate? Did they have them few with one of the magazines some time? Daisies are rimmel bee a honey and probably barry m cotton.

Bright! This was a while back when it was a bit early for neons but who cares lol. Barry m cotton for the dots. And model's own polish for tans of some kinds for the others.

Sorry the photos aren't great and the state of my hands and nails is variable (they're hideous atm too but im working on it lol).

Be back soon :).