Saturday, 9 April 2016

40 great nail art ideas- kids tv

It's 40gnai time again, how did that happen?! But anyway, this week was kids tv...which is a pretty huge selection to choose from lol.

So i pushed way beyond what I'm strictly capable of painting here but i just had to do Blue Peter. I loved it when i was young...i had a Blue Peter badge and everything haha.

I only used two polishes so i can actually remember for once: white is Barry m cotton and blue is nails Inc baker street. And there was lots of back and forth retouching going on with this haha, I'm not great with freehand!

And this is the pic i copied from:

Ok so it's not the neatest nail art ever but im quite pleased with it. I think it's quite recognisable at least :) ...if you squint and hold it at a distance it kinda looks similar to the original :p. And i enjoy playing around with freehand stuff so this was fun :). x