Monday, 4 April 2016

40 great nail art ideas- violet and geometric

So it's back to colour plus technique/pattern prompt this week. And an awesome colour it is :p. Anything in the purple line is fine by me. As for the prompt I'm not sure if I'm still right or not, i might have got a bit out but anyway I'm doing geometric. Which is rather fun....though calls for rather crisper lines than i was able to produce!

So the plan was very simple: purple base, tape squares in light purple, tape smaller squares in dark purple. Except i can't find my striping tape. Never fear! I have masking tape, that's gotta work right? I mean sellotape works and that's, you know, the clue is in the name: tape for masking.
Except this tape has been in my guide box since around the time of Robert Baden-Powell (a little girlguiding humour for you there lol) and, it turns out, is no longer very straight out very sticky. Except when it comes to sticking to itself, it's great at that. Lol.

Plus it was late at night and i had real issues getting anything resembling right angles or uniformity of size haha. It occurred to me when i was taking photos this morning (yay for hindsight!) that it may have worked better to nearly cut out the squares from the middle of the tape with a craft knife. Ho hum, next time perhaps....i kind of like this design in theory, i just lost the will to live a little in the end haha.

Polishes? Um yes. Max factor lacquered violet (hey, can't argue with the colour part of the prompt haha), barry m lap of honour and barry m black currant.
And my photography is appalling cos lacquered violet looks totally different in each of my pictures haha sorry.

I feel like this is a design I've seen somewhere but I've not managed to find it on pinterest or Google so can't give credit...i expect the original was far between executed haha! x