Monday, 18 August 2014

Colour me crazy at Camp

Ah man I'm so behind! Though in my defence ive been camping all week.
More specifically, I (and some other leaders) took thirty odd kids to the Norfolk showground to take part in Norjam. A huge jamboree... think six or seven thousand guides and scouts from all over the world. The week leading up to it was manic...and of course the camp was manic. And now I'm shattered. Though not as shattered as the guides! Pretty sure they had a great time though. Climbing, crafting, making new friends...There was even a mini-ring there, so Bell ringing too haha. Along with tonnes of other stuff. Could have done without the whole hurricane Bertha thing (hunting for friends to steal rope from to tie down a marquee in case is blows away is fun! Especially when it's peeing it down lol). Fun though.

Anyway. Nails. So, colour me crazy. I think pink is probably a lost cause tbh. I am however working on purple at this very moment. I aldo did blue before I left but never got round to posting it so figured I'd share it now in lieu of the pink lol.

I did these the night before I left for camp. The viking hat is because we were on viking subcamp (this year was a history theme). The appalling chipping is because I didn't get round to taking photos until after we'd finished pitching lol. The polishes are... Who knows tbh? Think the Blue is a models own hypergel. The cream is Barry m coconut. The hills is Maybelline (who wants to be a millionaire?). The Brown is another rimmel but don't ask me which one lol. And I have a feeling the black is Essie licorice... which is weird cos I used it for my depression mani too and it's not the black I usually go for. Ho hum.

The last pic is a bonus shot of my nails after a week of camping! Note this is post filing and the administration of copious amounts of hand cream and cuticle balm... plus a couple of coats and nail envy. Lol. X