Sunday, 21 September 2014

Colour me crazy- complimenting

Aka, the Barry M show! So I've gone a little Barry M mad lately, I must admit. I just totally feel in love with their autumn gellys. Plus a few other random ones leapt into my basket as I was walking round boots. So I thought I'd past a mish mash of the random things I've been doing with them as I think all of them can probably be classed as complimenting (the autumn ones work really well together btw).
- a reciprocal gradient with mustard and paprika
- some random simple dots with mustard and cardamom
- a weird kinda ruffian kinda thing with chilli and caramel (which is matte (I top coated but I've included a (pre clean up) photo of it still matte too))
- basic accent with cardamom and cappuccino.... This is basically my go to style if I want something vaguely interesting but have no time or energy. I don't know why but you'll notice a large proportion of my manis involve a thumb and ring accent.


I like some of these more than others... But I've enjoyed playing. And I think the only untried I have now is cocoa, I'm not entirely sure what to do with that yet. X