Sunday, 21 September 2014

Small gestures- a polishy gift

Ok so I confess, there's no real point in this post. Just that brother's gf came home and gave me a bottle of polish. It was only a small thing but I appreciated it. It's been a long week and it made me smile. Never underestimate the power of silly little things :).
The polish itself is a purple (hence her buying it, hence it beyond a sweet gesture) from bourjois. I've always passed over the brand, for largely silly reasons (I never got on very well with their make up, and I don't like the bottle shape (very silly lol)). But it was actually really nice... It applied easily, the wide brush was easy to work with (and that weird shaped lid that put me off was nice to hold haha). And I really like the colour obviously.
So tonight im happy (well except that I start work in about five hours lol). Plus, big polish news of the week, tarastalons is back!! If you've been around a while you may be aware of how obsessed I am with this brand :p lol. Plus that's fifty per cent off atm... so I went on a little spending spree hehe. Go visit the shop here. X