Thursday, 25 September 2014

Last night of the proms-slightly behind! Lol

Yea so it took me a really long time to get round to posting this!

Anyway, my brother is a chef and every year the pub where he works does a fancy, seven course, black tie meal for the last night of the proms. Well except he doesn't work there now so this year's was the last big event he was going to be chef-ing.

It took me a really long while to decide what to do on my nails but in the end I went for a glitter gradient, which for some reason I've never done before. I ended up being in a rush so it's kinda scruffy but not bad for a first attempt... and I did like the bling lol. It's a-England hurt no living thing (omg I love this polish!!) Over Barry m Chai. The purple is from the rimmel rita ora collection but I can't remember the actual name. Silver/Black glitter in pretty side is quirk, fifty shades of dorian grey. The purple glitter is tarastalons diamonds (which I think was a polish club polish?).

So pictures. I've added a few outfit ones because, well, I never wear fancy dresses so it's worth recording lol. Plus I thought I'd point out that I did actually try to coordinate my nails haha.