Sunday, 8 February 2015

Les Mis

Today we went on a family outing to London to see les mis. It was amazing, i really enjoyed it....but it was also a really long day. Therefore I'm tired. Therefore i don't have much to say for myself for once lol.

Obviously i painted my nails. Though unfortunately it was about 1am at the time since i got in late from ringing! Consequently it's not the most accomplished nail art ever lol. I was going for a gradient in the colours odd the french flag (barry m blood orange, coconut and blackberry). The colours overwhelmed the whose a little so i had to go back and add more white after...but i can live with that, i was kinda aiming for messy anyway. What i wasn't aiming for was the gap around the cuticles where the white base shows and it really bugs me! Lol. Any tips?

The other fingers are barry m lychee topped with, of course, eponine from quirk! What could be more fitting right?! I also wore the necklace i bought from quirk featuring the same polish. Eponine is an amazing character and this polish definitely does her justice!

Oh well. Sleep?! x