Monday, 23 February 2015

Time to change champions celebration event

This event was held today to celebrate time to change champions (duh!) and all the different events and projects they've been involved in. And there are some awesome things people have been doing (remind me to share them some time).

Basically a champion is anyone with 'lived experience' of mental health issues who's willing to use that experience to help towards ending mental health discrimination- through conversations, regional events, art work, performances etc etc. Anyway some of these people were chosen by regional coordinators to attend the celebration. However there were still some spaces left and those opened up to anyone who's ever participated in a tonne to change event (names out of a hat style). Hence my presence.

And it was brilliant. Seriously. So great to meet all those passionate and dedicated folk and to hear about all the exciting projects that they've been working on. Also interesting to get involved in discussions about where the campaign might go in future.

I would write something better but I'm really tired! Lol. Obviously i painted my nails. We have Barry m matte white, black and pomegranate to reflect the colours of the time to change logo etc. Then i wrote time to change in full on my thumb and then just the abbreviated ttc on the urged

Oh well I'll maybe come back when I've had some sleep. Blogging has been a major fail this week. Not enough hours in the day lol. x