Thursday, 5 February 2015

Time to talk day 2015

So today is time to talk day. This is a day organised by time to change dedicated to talking about mental health in order to combat the stigma surrounding it. This year i thought I'd make a video for the occasion. I speak a lot about my history of mental health issues on this blog and online in general but i still often find it hard to find the words to talk about it out loud. I have volunteered at a couple of time to change events, engaging with the general public re mental health and that's helped a lot. So i thought I wanted to do this to prove to myself (and maybe others) that it's ok to talk, actually talk without distancing yourself with a keyboard.

Oh and i painted my nails of course! Green for mental health awareness and red to reflect the time to change logo. And a random dotticure!!...what is it with me? I say i don't like something and then proceed to use it repeatedly haha!
Base is Barry m matte white and the green and reds are barry m silks- poppy and forest...because i felt like adding a bit of sparkle. It turned out kinda Christmassy though which is a little unfortunate haha. And note the elusive right hand- because it's slightly different owing to the fact i couldn't write that small with my left hand! Lol.

I hope it's ok. I have a part 2 but for some reason that didn't upload correctly so I'll share that another day. x