Saturday, 10 October 2015

40 great nail art ideas- teal

Hello I'm late again! Sorry, such disorganisation.

So this is the second week of this challenge and works slightly differently. Last week was a freestyle creative prompt and that will happen on alternate weeks. The other weeks, like this week, the theme will be a colour or similar. *but* there's a second half to the prompt and that's a pattern...and each participant starts at a different point in the pattern list. So while I'm doing teal brushstroke others will be doing teal dotticures or teal water marbles etc.

So yes. Teal brushstroke mani. I'll be honest, i really don't like this one. I like this style of manicure but this just didn't turn out that great imho. Partly in just grumpy cos every single one of my nails broke this week. They're now really short and i don't think that suits this style very well tbh because it's all very crammed in. Nvm.

Note the beautiful British autumn weather in the background haha. Snapped on the way to ringing because that's how much i cba with this mani lol.

Polishes are barielle 'a bouquet for ava', barry m 'almond', rimmel 'neon fest' (why do i own no opaque hot pinks? That would have helped lol) and model's own 'bronze rage'.

Anyway, next week the theme is geek which should be quite fun :). Check the in linkz to see what combinations everyone else got. x