Saturday, 3 October 2015

40 great nail art ideas- hobbies

Yay a new challenge, fun :). It's all designed by The Crumpet and I'm seriously excited. But more on that in another post cos I'm also seriously lacking in words right now.

So the prompt is hobbies. Now I'm big on hobbies. I've had a lot of them lol.

Atm it's mainly bell ringing (thumb) that's taking over my life.

But i also read a lot, which is represented by my middle finger. The ring and index are both things i mean to do more but never do, play clarinet and swim.

Though the ring also represents music which i listen to ALL the time lol.

Have i run out of fingers yet? Oh little finger is the girl guide logo :).

Sorry my hands and nails are a bit scruffy atm but nvm :). Check out the inlinkz to see what the really clever people did :p.