Sunday, 11 October 2015

World mental health day mani

Soo i haven't managed to post got many awareness days lately but i didn't want to miss this one.

The theme this year is dignity and I've been trying to put a post together on the subject but im really tired and brain just isn't cooperating so the nails will have to suffice till tomorrow :).

I was aiming for something a bit more....classy than my usual awareness manis. I'm not sure i quite managed that but i do quite like the result.

It had to be green because that's the colour for mental health awareness; the greens i chose are sinful colors mint apple (thumb and ring base), a- England st George (index and pinkie base plus ring detail and outlines on thumb and middle), nails Inc battersea (middle and detail on thumb) and rimmel roll in the grass (index middle and pinkie details). Oh and studs from i don't know where in index fingers. Lol.

Oh well. It's definitely bedtime i think. Hopefully my little pet brain cell will feel more able to construct sentence in the subject of dignity in mental health by tomorrow. Lol. x