Friday, 30 October 2015

40 great nail art ideas- Halloween

Ok so i admit it, I'm not really a huge fan of Halloween tbh. Spoil sport, right? Lol. I have nothing against it per se (and i do like an excuse to play dress up) it just doesn't excite me all that much. So i was a bit stuck for ideas. My initial plan was an apple bobbing themed 'pond mani' but that kind of failed haha (see end of post). So instead i found a matte black an some red and did something gory :p.

That's after clean up but actually i kind of prefer it before, for that extra gore factor lol.

I used one end of a revlon chalkboard nail art thingy (technical!) And barry m blood orange plus a little barry m dead heat on the index. Incidentally that finger was inspired somewhat by a couple of recent gory manis by piggie luv (and I'm really sorry i can't remember how to add the link on this app but Google her, she's seriously amazing).

I'm fairly happy with the result in the end, even if it was just randomly thrown together lol. The finger prints on my middle finger and thumb didn't show up great in the photos though. I'm a big murder mystery fan so this pleased me haha. Plus i did actually start training to be a forensic scientist dealing with crime scenes and evidence and such way back in the dim and distant past. My work area now looks rather like a crime scene itself tbh lol.

Oh and the less than successful plan A:

Now it's bed time....hopefully without nightmares! Haha.