Sunday, 29 November 2015

40 great nail art ideas- cartoons and comics

Oh dear, I'm very late this week! It's all been a bit busy. Ho hum.

So I'm not a massive comic reader. Or a comic reader full stop actually (and i totally blanked the cartoons part of the prompt and forgot it existed, oops lol). So i think the last time i read a comic was when i was very small and we used to go to the local newsagents and buy sweeties (sherbet pips please!) And I'd get Twinkle and baby brother would get the Beano.

Knowing myself as a kid i expect i probably enjoyed Jonny's Beano as much as i enjoyed Twinkle. But i do still remember it, and Nurse Nancy and the teddy bear hospital. I dressed up as her once on a holiday to Pontins :p.

So polishes. *think* lol. The base is Barry m coconut. The blue is model's own feeling blue, two barry m browns are cocoa and cappuccino, yellow is nails Inc Carnaby street, red is nails Inc st James, face is model's own naked glow and nails Inc Brompton place and black and white are acrylics. Phew. I don't think i missed any.

Oh well I've enjoyed my trip down memory lane, even if the resultant mani is a little scruffy haha. x