Saturday, 14 November 2015

40 great nail art ideas- your job

Ah i struggled so much to come up with anything for this! I work as a career, looking after elderly folk in the community. I kind of really love my job, and feel passionate about many things concerning it (dementia awareness, the crappy state of the social care system etc)...but the practicalities of it don't lend themselves well to nail art, nobody wants a commode painted in their fingertips haha. I considered several of the practical things i *could* pick out and paint but the whole idea didn't grab me. Those things aren't the reason i love what i do, you know?

So in the end i came up with this:

Basically just a selection of words that sum up what i *do* think it's important about my job. Respect and dignity and all those things that life seems to try to rob folk of.

And the hands. Man i struggled with those hands! They're meant to be holding hands. I think you can sort of tell that?

Actually, even though the hands are pretty crooked and the writing deteriorated as i went along (actually that's rather apt considering that's exactly what my handwriting does as i write notes throughout the day lol (except my handwriting is even scruffier (probably smaller too lol))), im pretty happy with this. Unlike that sentence which is a disaster lol. It turned out better then i expected anyway.

Polishes are nails Inc regent's place and barry m black grape. Very restrained haha. And it's definitely bed time now! Lol.