Saturday, 7 November 2015

40 great nail art ideas- black and white

Phew. So I'm away on a ringing holiday atm. Which basically equals nothing but ringing for four days (liberally interspersed with tea and cake lol). So I'm late again. And my hands and cuticles are awful cos no amount of hand cream and cuticle oil can combat hours of grotty bell ropes haha.

Anyway my pattern prompt this week was 'chevrons'.

They're rather scruffier than I'd like cos holiday Inn doesn't deem it necessary to provide a chair and desk/table anywhere near each other lol. And this top coat is yuck cos it's about two hundred years old,i couldn't find my regular one wheni was packing lol.

Well that and i didn't really bring appropriate brushes and resorted to one i bought and never got round to removing from my handbag (i intended to tape and then cba to wait for them to dry dry enough lol). I do enjoy black white and hot pink together though :).

Right. Ding dong lol. x