Saturday, 21 November 2015

40 great nail art ideas- grey + colour

So we're back to colour prompts. I knew straight away that i wanted to use a neon for the colour aspect, it's wildly unseasonal but i just love the contrast of neons with grey. My prompt of circles on the other hand i didn't have a clue about. Literally even as i started painting the circles i had no clue where i was going with it haha.

I kind of quite like the pattern on the thumb and ring but i was getting on for midnight by that point and i was lazy haha. So i went for really simple in the others.

The grey is Barry m pit stop and im not that keen on it tbh. It looked pale grey in the bottle but it's come up taupe-y looking on my nails/in photos. Maybe it's the light. Actually even though i love barry m I'm not a massive fan of this fast drying collection all round. The neon though is beach bag from one of my favourite collections by model's own :).

Eh. I don't hate this mani but it doesn't excite me particularly either. Nvm.