Tuesday, 13 May 2014

mental health awareness week- a giveaway

Eep, ok I've never done this before...I'm not sure if the fact that makes me anxious is ironic or not :p lol. Anyway I'm not 100% sure how the whole thing works so bear with me please? You all know how the rafflecopter thing works, right? UK only sorry, cos of the fact on prize contains polish....and the fact having bought the prizes I'm just not rich enough the ship abroad lol. The giveaway ends on may 31st. I can't easily check up on the make a pledge thing so I guess you can view that as a free entry but ya know, it's an interesting website and a good cause. My blog is only little so in the event less people enter than there are prizes I will continue to randomly draw names until all prizes are gone so that one or more people may get more than one prize. So the prizes are all mental health themed, because I'm a dork basically lol. 1. Lucky thirteen lacquer- butterfly project
This is lucky thirteen lacquer's charity polish in aid of the butterfly project, which is a project to help people quit self harm. The ploish pictured is my own bottle and there will be a brand new one for the actual prize it just hasn't arrived yet. Plus a stress busting popper dealy and a time to change badge. 2. Serotonin molecule necklace
Besically that's it. Serotonin is a chemical found in the brain which is believed to be connected to depression (at least that's the theory behind common anti-depressant drugs). Plus a time to change badge. 3. Pin badge set
'Have I gone mad', 'stark raven mad', time to change x2, set of chemical structure badges (not pictured but will be as soon as they arrive/I find a pic) and a stretchy little man stress buster dealy. 4. Stress busting set with time to change bag
Stress ball, bendy man, mini stretchy man, 'popper'(I dunno the word for these? The kinda elastic cuppy things that you flatten and then the pop up in the air?) And a time to change cotton shopping bag. 5. Mini stress busting set a (x2)
Time to change pen, Motivational pencil and pad, time to change badge! Stress dots. Stress dots are a biofeedback thing, you stick them on you hand or wrist and they judge you stress/anxiety levels based on the temperature. Theory is being aware of stress helps reduce it I believe, it's been a while...the instructions are on thd card. 6. Mini stress busting set b
Stress ball, motivational pencil and pad, time to change badge 7. Mini stress busting set c
Bendy man, motivational pencil and pad, tkme to change badge. a Rafflecopter giveaway Phew!! I think that's everything, now it must be bed time (proper regilar sleep helps decrease anxiety you know :p). x