Monday, 12 May 2014

Mental health awareness week- an introduction

Hi, so I return from holiday-ing to what will hopefully be a very busy week at the lost and found, since it is (as the title would suggest) mental health awareness week.
Considering I write a blog based around raising awareness of mental health issues I figured I'd better make an effort really. So I have exciting things planned....well, I have things planned anyway lol.

Each year the world mental health foundation pick a theme for the week and this year's theme is anxiety, which you may have noticed by now is something I havepersonal experience of. I can't exactly do an 'opening up and baring all' type post as that's pretty much what my entire blog is :p. I will however be writing a post on my experience with anxiety specifically, and particularly on 'doing well' and what that even means.

There's a giveaway that I'm frantically trying to pull together right now, so that will be up later tonight or tomorrow.

I will of course be paiting my nails in various bizarre but anxiety themed ways.

I'm also trying to gather together a post's worth of tips and tricks and helpful websites. So if you know any please share :).

Erm, what else? I'm trying to rope a friend or two into sharing a little bit of their own story with you. Plus....well plus whatever else enters my head really! Facts and figures and random memes probably lol.
Good luck :p. x