Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Keep it light....!

So, yea, a couple of rather heavy posts to start a blog with no? So i figured today id change tack entirely and do something more frivolous. There's more to me than my craziness afterall!
Since its been a long day and ive just got in from ringing bells here is a random assortment of things im loving (read obsessed with!) right now....

Ah totally and utterly in love with this song atm. She has a beautiful voice and i love the playful-serious lyrics.

Rainbow connection uk ....opening in september stocking international and indie nail polishes, but based in the uk (the name gives that away though right?) So very excited. So many of the polishes i drool over are from sellers that either don't ship to the uk or cost waaaaay too much for postage to be feasible.

Speaking of which, Emma at Manicurity posted some beautiful swatches of the KBShimmer fall collection...particularly in love with 'you go ghoul' got a real glitter thing going on at the mo it seems.

Ok, ok ill stop talking about nail polish just a quick sneaky pic of a few of my current favourites:

On a different note, how about Charly's BBQ food at sciencegeekchic? Looks tasty! Plus there's a bonus pic of the amazing dress she wore for the event!

Other random loves that spring to mind include hummus, Gold radio, red wine, the words with friends app, Karin Slaughter books and alanis morissette's latest album.
Ho-hum. Sorry slight splurge. Bed time for me i reckon. x