Saturday, 31 August 2013

A change is as good as a rest

So, yes i changed my nails AGAIN lol. Though i did only paint them once today which is an improvement from yesterday's 3 times haha.

However, that's not really the change im thinking about. Next weekend is the time-to-change village comes to Christ's Piece, Cambridge. This is an event centred around raising awareness of mental health problems and tackling the stigma that often surrounds them. It may be apparent by now that this is a cause i wholeheartedly support.....and since Cambridge isn't so far away from dear old Norfolk i signed up to volunteer at the event, rather on impulse i must confess. Anyway, yesterday i received details of my role at the event, as well as a prior training session. Eep. So i thought id share this event here :).
Basically my job is to wander round and engage people in conversation for the whole afternoon. Now ill admit to being slightly anxious about this (read: absolutely terrified haha), a few years ago i wouldn't have dared even think about doing something involving so much interaction with the public. i still remember the girl at uni who hid away in her room at every opportunity, checking the peep hole before leaving so i didn't run into anyone as i crept out to do laps of Parker's Piece in the middle of the night or clean the communal kitchen while everyone was asleep......yea i wasn't exactly at my best at uni! lol. But anyway, that was then and this is now. im certainly not 100% well these days, not by a long shot, but ive come a long way.
Counselling and therapy and all that aside there are two things i thank for that. One is my job...which throws me into close proximity with a whole range of people all the time. And when you're helping people wash and dress and other such intimate tasks it pays to be able to get chatting with them quickly! The second thing is bell ringing. There's a reason the professionals are always banging on about getting hobbies :p. Having an activity to do helps neutralise some of that awkwardness when you can't think of a thing to you know there's always at least one interest you have in common to discuss haha. Asides from that the bellringers ive met have been some of the most welcoming and accepting people ive known. An eclectic bunch of all ages and walks of life.....ive never felt judged there.

Oh dear shall i return swiftly to my original point before i start gushing? lol. The time to change village will be open from 10-5 and entry is free. There will be all sorts of things going on including live entertainment, information on local resources and the depressed cake shop. Volunteers will be around to discuss time-to-change, mental health in general and personal experiences (both yours and theirs).....including me :p. 
i could ramble about this for hours but i think ive probably gone on long enough tbh. Plus i have to start work at 6 so its probably bedtime. x