Friday, 30 August 2013

That'll larn ya!

... Little Norfolk-ism there Haha. I enjoy discovering new things and learning new skills so I figured I'd share a few of them with the world.... Or the small part of it that reads this blog Haha. Soooo:
- colourful stripes on the nails using tape, courtesy of these tutorials on chloesnails. Now admittedly I don't necessarily have steady enough hands for this game but I was reasonably happy with the results..... plus, Yay colourful!
- origami elephants (another slight obsession there I have an elephant collection Hehe) via the schemes origami app here I confess the was an ulterior motive to this one as it was an activity I was planning with my guide group.
- mindfulness exercises...I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Mindfulness tbh. I love the idea and there are a few techniques I use which are invaluable (mindfully listening to background noise for example). However there are a lot of the exercises that I find difficult or uncomfortable for various reasons, I struggle a lot with body scans for a start. It's something I should probably put more effort into as I struggle with disconnection/dissociation quite a bit.... But because of that I find it very hard and get frustrated Haha. Oh well I'll keep trying.
- splicing is more of an ongoing project really. Inspired by a rope breaking on us at ringing a couple of weeks ago. I have known how to do this is the past but that was a while ago, when I was a wee ten year old guide, and is like to know how to do it again.
That's probably it for now I think. Sorry for another 'links' post. Day off tomorrow so I'll make more effort :). X