Monday, 26 August 2013

Oops i seem to have started a blog...

...and i have no idea where im going with it!

i suspect it will probably end up being the dumping ground for all sorts of brain mush. 
i will confess this blog is pretty much designed to be the dumping ground for all sorts of brain mush.
i guess there will be a predominant theme of mental health awareness since this is an issue very close to my heart (or, more pertinently, my brain haha). However i don't want to label it as such, im not on a crusade. This is more about me blurting out all the random things that occur to me throughout the day. My thoughts, my opinions, my experiences Me, basically. im certainly not always right, im open to debate, to being proven wrong.
Bah, heavy. 
No, im not on a crusade. i would just like to try and show people a little bit of my world. How i cope, how i fail to cope even. What its like to be mentally ill (and i could write a whole blog on what it took to accept that label was applicable to me). But also the bits of me that aren't the illness. i HAVE a mental illness, that doesn't mean i AM one. 
i really don't want to preach and i will try my best to restrain myself, but i will include posts on things ive found helpful, self-help stuff, therapy stuff, distraction techniques ya know the drill.
Oh speaking of distraction techniques: Nails! :D. ive discovered the joys of painting my nails, so expect to see lots of photos of my hands. However, this is definitely NOT a nail art blog, since, whilst i found a lot of enthusiasm, i seem to have failed to find any talent. There will probably be frequent links to some of the many nail bloggers i find myself in awe of though, and posts when i can't resist sharing a new polish ive fallen in love with, like Revlon scandalous:
Purple glitter :D 
...yea im not a photographer either :p lol.
Other recurring themes and pet causes including (but not limited to): girl guides, bellringing, care of the elderly (i work as a carer in the community, i love the job but frequently hate the system), music, my confused forays into the world of beauty and make-up, science, psychology and.....purple? There's not much to post about purple i just love it hehe.

Clear as mud right? Oh well we'll see what happens. x