Thursday, 29 August 2013

Polish is cheaper than therapy!

Today's colourful, if a little scruffy, effort :). i got very over-excited when i came home to find a parcel on my doorstep...i only placed the order with Tara's Talons on monday so i was very impressed. Aaaanyway couple more pics, since im feeling lazy and wordless:

im a sucker for anything wrapped up in pretty paper....and since i had no idea what polishes to expect (i went for the lucky dip option) it was like getting a present from myself hehe. i haven't tried the other two yet but i used the orange and the yellow as part of my little rainbow...i never would have chosen a yellow polish but im a little bit in love i must confess. Here's a (very slightly!) better pic of the two polishes in question:

Sorry for the photo and nail overload today, my brain is a little mushy. Though in case anyone is curious about the polish obsession (im clearly not a nail artist :p) the facetious title pretty much sums it up. The nail painting thing is really very new, in fact until recently it was rare for me to paint my nails more than once a year. i bought a random bottle of purple polish on a whim in the accessorize sale (i struggle to resist purple...and bargains haha). To my surprise i found nail painting strangely relaxing....i say surprise since most of my forays into the world of makeup and beauty result more in frustration than anything. i also found it killed a nice little block of time when i otherwise would have been left with my own silly thoughts and headnoise. i started playing and experimenting and researching and whilst few of my efforts turn out as i intend im having great fun. When i made the decision about 6 weeks ago to really start fighting the sh urges again (i confess i had become a little resigned to myself as a self-harmer for a whole) it became my go to distraction technique. The thing is i struggle with distraction techniques, i guess maybe i differ to some self-harmers in that i don't get intense waves of wanting to do it, more just a constant nagging itch. So, while yes i can write out my feelings or go for a walk or any of the great suggestions that can be very helpful, i always find the urges still there after, and eventually i cave in. The thing with the nails is, it can pretty much fill up as much time as i need it to......but without making me feel like im constantly busy, moving, running. Plus i can do other things while i wait for coats to dry....but not sh.

Does that make any sense?
My collection of different polishes is disgustingly large considering how young it is, and tkmaxx and boots are getting exorbitant amounts of my money....but then a bottle of polish is a few quid, when i was in private therapy i paid £134 an hour, so as the title says............x