Saturday, 12 July 2014

Colour me crazy- red

This is a new weekly challenge brought to you by the British nail bloggers fb group.
The prompt for the first week is red. And I felt like a bit of silliness. So we have ladybirds (bishy barney bees :p). It's not until I sat and looked through the in linkz that I noticed Kerrie also did ladybirds, oops sorry Kerrie! Hers are cuter than mine though haha so make sure you click on the in linkz to see her version.
My version, on the other hand, is the lazy version in that I decided to only do one nail as an actual ladybird and make the others leaves. Yea it's a bit of a cop out when the theme is red and I only have one red nail on each hand! Haha. In my defence I wore this to work and I thought the green might tone it down a little from a while hand full of ladybirds lol.
I genuinely don't think I've ever said the word ladybird so much in such a short space of time haha.
Orange is next week's prompt so I better start thinking.... and try not to repeat someone else's mani this time ;) lol. Night. X