Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Neon nails!

Yea, so I'm seriously loving neon lately. Not entirely sure why, think it's the sunshine lol. Having grabbed a couple (followed by a couple more, ie the whole collection :s lol) of the models own 'for tans' collection I spent over a week wearing nothing but neon haha.
I shared several of my neon efforts in a guest post over at nail parade (awesome blog btw). But in case that's not enough neon, here are a few more :).
The base for all is Barry m coconut. Probably a bit cream for neons, I'm sure they would have popped even more over pure white.... But I'm a little in love with coconut, it suits me better than stark white and it's really, really easy to work with. Think I'm slowly coming round to the Barry m gellys :p lol.

The stripes were a quick and lazy attempt at a mani because having painted the base I realised I had less time than I thought before I had to leave the house lol.

Then saran wrap. Which is a technique I love. I do like the mani but I think I'd arrange the colours differently if I did it again...The Green and yellow don't look that great right next to each other.

Finally sugar spun. I've been wanting to try toys for ages but felta little daunted by it tbh. Plus I've not really been in the mood for anything that involves effort of clean up lol. But I liked this and I was kinda pleased with how it turned out. I'd definitely try the technique again anyway :).

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