Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Pop! Goes the weasel

If you're wondering the exactly the title has to do with anything, suffice to say I'm a dork lol.

Long ago one of the first pieces of 'drawing' nail art I did was to paint bell ropes on my fingers. Today I fancied a bit of silliness so I thought I'd have another go... It's always fun to revisit old ideas. I've included an original pic for comparison.

The base is a England 'galahad' which is significantly more pretty than the original butter London 'Billy no mates' which was chosen out of necessity back when I only owned about ten colours :p.

The sally (that's the stripy fluffy bit lol) is Barry m 'coconut' with red and blue added in two nails Inc polishes that I can't remember the name of lol.

The only other change is the placement of the 'bells'. Last time I kept it simple with the sally progressing further up the nail moving across my hand. This time I tried to make it look like the bells had 'pulled off' in 14235, by painting least of the sally on my thumb, slightly more on my ring finger etc. This particular order is known as weasels.... cos it sounds like pop goes the weasel :p. Hence the dorky title!

In other news I've been slacking with hand care and my cuticles/fingers look rank, sorry!! X