Tuesday, 8 July 2014

I water marbled!

Well tried to anyway lol.
I've been meaning to attempt this for ages but been rather daunted by the whole thing. I think I told the story of my first attempt that didn't even get as far as being an attempt? Advice: don't use a polystyrene cup, any sinking polish will burn through it. I made quite a mess lol.

Anyway this time I used a proper drinking mug so that was an improvement. I still made a significant amount of mess though haha. I was going to marble all my nails but quickly ran out of patience and decided to just do my two ring fingers instead lol.

It doesn't look as good as I'd like... but equally it doesn't look as deeply disastrous as I was expecting! And in a weird kinda way I kind of enjoyed the faff and mess and stuff so maybe I'll try again some time!

And yes the polishes are the models of for tans collection again (I forget the names sorry) plus, you've guessed it, Barry m coconut haha. X