Sunday, 27 July 2014

Colour me crazy- yellow

Oops I think I skipped a week, sorry!

So yellow? I don't really wear yellow...I have maybe three that are for nail art type stuff. But anyway.

I didn't fancy bright bright yellow so I chose the one pastel yellow I own: sinful colors unicorn. I paired it with the dusky pink of Barielle sailor's delight. Added some really simple dots to each nail in the contrasting colour (like literally took seconds, that's my kinda nail art :p lol).

Finally I did a coat of essie matte about you. I dunno why there's just an automatic association between pastels and matte in my brain....I'm not a huge pastel fan anyway but I much prefer them matte to glossy.

I was kinda quite happy with this. The only thing that annoyed me was some major bubbling, despite my best efforts to make sure my nails were totally clean and dry, I did thin coats, left plenty of drying time etc etc all those things. Any tips?

Anyway there'll be an in linkz tomorrow but it's too late at night to be fiddling about with that on my phone right now lol. X