Monday, 14 October 2013

33dc day 10-flowers

Hey. I haven't got much to say today (sigh of relief from all concerned! Lol). Flowers. I don't do flowers much though I've done splodgey Roses, dotted daisies etc in the past when I was practicing with new dotting tools. Not the point. For the most part when I go to the effort of doing nail art I like it to mean something. Like the awareness things or the  neurotransmitters I did way back on day one... Or silly things like roald dahl day. I care more about what significance it has to me than how it looks.  Yea im weird.
Anyway. That's why my flowers are a bit naff. In search of meaning I did a bit of googling on the symbolism of flowers. What I came up with was crocus (I'll pause for a moment while everyone goes 'those are meant to be crocuses?!') symbolising gladness, cheerfulness and childlike delight. As well as this it is associated with optimism, rebirth and such like due to it being one of the first bulbs to grow after winter. I hate winter... like seriously loathe it, with it's long nights and grey days. So I like that aspect too.
Clumps of younger crocuses on thumb and middle and a fully open one on ring. Liss of purple... base is tarastalons the dark one is Essie and the light is Avon. Sorry I forget the names and don't have the bottles to hand.... Or top coat oops! Oh silver is models own nail art pen.
Never Trust anyone who sys they don't have much to say!
Finally, this week is ocd awareness week so expect a few posts on that theme during the rest of the week interspersed with the other two challenge days 3D (eep!) And pattern from your home. Night night.