Thursday, 24 October 2013

We're all going on... an autumn holiday?

Sorry it's all been a bit tumbleweed-y round here this week and I fell like I've done everything in a huge rush. Largely cos I have!
I've just be crazy busy organising all the things for my holiday that I should have done weeks ago lol. I think I'm nearly there, just the challenge of trying to cram enduring into a suitcase now Haha.
Soooo yes, 3 whole weeks away, I don't know if I've ever been on that long a holiday! Mexico first a week at our cabana, a guiding world center and a week of sightseeing and then five days in new York. I know that didn't quite add up properly lol there's travelling and such to be factored in.
Excited :). Teensy bit terrified I must admit. But it'll be good. Yes.
So I'm trying to schedule some posts goodness knows if they'll work. Either way they're mainly 33dc posts. I dunno if I'll have time to finish them all before I go (2 am saturday morning! Yawn) so some may have to wait till I get back. If I get a chance I schedule a few other things in as well but I wouldn't hold your breath! Lol. Have a sneak peek at some tarastalons polishes to help you sleep. X