Thursday, 17 October 2013

Things I didn't know about nails but probably should have

Seriously I'm spectacularly uneducated when it comes to beauty and style and personal grooming and such.  Before I became totally and utterly obsessed with it pretty much the only thing I knew about nail polish was I liked the smell! So anyway I thought maybe my ignorance could help others feel a little less foolish so here goes:
- layers... ok so this is probably the most idiotic on the list. I kinda never realised it was acceptable, and in fact mostly necessary, to paint more than one layer of polish. Hence I got frustrated with streaks and unevenness and sheerness.... Or, conversely, with lumpy looking nails that took about the hours to dry the polish was slapped on so thick!
And don't get me started on the idea of layering two colours on top of each other...
- top and base coats... leads on from layers I guess. I mean tbf id heard of them, I don't know what I thought they were for really? Fancy French manicures that had nothing to do with me I guess. I certainly had no idea there were so many different options. And I had no idea that to coats were magic. I didn't realise the effect they had not simply on prolonging length but on adding shine and finish to a mani as well as somehow making little imperfections disappear... How does that work?
- clean up...speaking of imperfections the idea of going ruins afterwards and removing any stray bits of polish on the cuticles never occurred to me.
- not all nail polish remover is the same... see I figured acetone is acetone and that's that. Turns out the the cheapest cheap one from boots isn't actually that effective and a bottle lasts about five minutes.
- the value of nail care.... self care is not something im good at I confess, and I was shocked how much difference it made when I actually looked after my nails and cuticles. Especially the cuticles as it made it so much easier to paint the nails cleanly.
- not everyone has perfect long nails and straight tips...I always felt kinda inelegant/unladylike for wearing my nails short and curved. Short because of work curved because straight looks weird on me. Turns out people wear lots of different shape for lots of different reasons.... apparently other people have lives too, who knew?!
-It's fun to give it a's not s choice doing it perfectly and not bothering at all. Admittedly this is something I need to work on in life in general lol.
-The online nail community is lovely...and full of sweet approachable ladies who are willing to help and encourage.
- indies!!!!... Need I say more?

And finally
- nail polish is seriously addictive!

So yes gel free to point and laugh :p or share for own 'doh!' Moments... either way, night night. X

Ps. That's a very old pic the are probably more than twice as many now :s lol.