Saturday, 12 October 2013

White noise

... is all I'm getting from my brain right now so sorry about that. It's not been the best of weeks and the only thoughts my mind seems comfortable with are self deprecating ones.... and this is a blog not a personal pity party :p. I blame meds, as I'm about halfway through titrating up to the proper dose of lamotrigine and feeling nauseous and moronic lol. There are posts I want to write but am having issues articulating.
But I know myself and how easily I let things slide so figured I'd chuck something up. I was chatting the other day with a ringer, who recently got an Android phone, about useful apps. So here's a list of apps I couldn't live without (well Yea I imagine I could but they're handy lol).
1. Unit converter.... self explanatory really lol.
2. Bbc iplayer...cos I'm never around when the things I want to watch are on! I have 4od too but rarely use it.
3. Google maps... because without it I'm lost before I even leave the village.
4. Methodology and Tower guide... both bellringing apps one for methods the other (not surprisingly) for towers.
5. WhatsApp! Such a cheap way to send pictures or chat overseas... Or just chat generally, I use it more than texting tbh. Snapchat is fun too.
6. A variety of mindfulness and meditation apps... To encourage me to actually bother and as a rescue technique when I'm freaking out. I could recommend but I think it's a very personal thing.
7. Whatever random distracting game I'm obsessed with atm (I had candycrush but it did my head in so am looking for something new atm)... because sometimes you need to escape your head an do something mindless but absorbing
8. Things like oyster on the go and and such like which make keeping track of orders and accounts simpler... There are some that I just download when they're relevant and then delete.
9. Likewise motivational apps...I used a stop smoking one for quote a while for example. Now I feel pretty secure in having quit it's a little irrelevant lol.
10. Tapatalk...I use a few forums and Tapatalk makes it a lot easier than trying to view the Web version on my phone.

So there we have it. Tbh that pretty much covers all my apps lol I don't have many... cos I'm lazy.... and fickle. I clear out my apps pretty regularly and get rid of ones I'm bored of or just downloaded for a specific reason (like the five different origami apps I used for a guide craft lol).
And even if it's of no use to anybody else, this post has settled my brain down a lot lol I'm not trying to think hundreds of different thoughts simultaneously so much. Nothing like a good list :p.
So what are everybody else's favourite apps? What do you do to calm incoherent thoughts? Are you an app hoarder or an obsessive deleter? Should I go to sleep? X

Ps. Maybelline winner takes it all plus a couple of she sells seashells bows.... feeling lazy.