Friday, 4 October 2013

33dc day 6-texture

Um Yea. Texture. So me and textured polish have a love hate relationship in so much as I love how it looks.... On other people. I kinda hate wearing it. Lol. Consequently I own a grand total of two. One of which I only still own cos I haven't gotten round to getting rid of it yet. So that's one... which is opi, um.... solitaire? One of the bond girls. I kinda actually like this one but I struggled to figure out what to do with one polish. I quite like texture in tape designs but I've done a few taped things recently so didn't want to do it again. I'm not clever enough to do s gradient with textured and non textured and make it look good.
Aaaanyway. In the end I just played lol. I bunged the opi on over Barbara Daly electric spacedust... For no reason other than that was what I was wearing at the time. It's pretty opaque though so then it just looked like I was wearing opi alone which defeated the object so I got some cling film and dabbled most of it off again. At that point I'd spent way too long on this so I went and got on with my life for a bit. During which time I kept thinking my nails looked 'Frosty' wintery cold. So I'm the end I just bunged some extra snowy stuff on top and had done with it lol.
All of which is to explain how I came up with this hideous, unseasonable monstrosity lol.