Thursday, 10 October 2013

World mental health day

So I'm sure nobody is surprised to see me posting about this lol.
A day for education, awareness, fighting stigma. About mental health in all it's varied forms. Each year the mental health foundation have a dedicated theme for the day and this year it's all about older adults...which is of course a theme close to my heart. The theme is two pronged. First it highlights the fact that people report a higher level of life satisfaction at ages fifty five and above than they do between twenty five and fifty four. Second it considers the many occasions where this isn't the case and how we can work to promote mental wellbeing and allow people to enjoy and make the most of later life. Isolation can become a major issue as we grow older, due to diminishing social circles and failing physical health, and the mhf wants to work to combat this through community and social projects.

Anyway, obviously, being me, I had to paint something over my nails to honour the day. I confess, due to lack of time last night for most of the day my nails were just the green (which looks blue in the pictures but really is Green I promise!) to represent mental health awareness. When I got home though I decided to play and ended up with this. We have taras talons toy train mixed with whatever that Barbara Daly white that is I always use on four nails, then straight toy train to draw the ribbon and the darker green areas. Outlines and writing in models own Black nail art pen.
The ring finger... Well what isn't on the ring finger? I wanted to demonstrate the wide scope of mental illness so I used different polishes and neon stars (which I received today from she sells seashells btw and love!) and polishes to represent the awareness ribbons for several conditions. I started with teal for anxiety issues, OCD and dissociative identity disorder, topped with grey for bpd. Then added yellow star for suicide prevention, Blue for addiction recovery (also can refer to support for victims of bullying or abuse), purple for alzheimers/periwinkle eating disorders, orange for self injury awareness day and also ADHD, and Green for general mental health, depression and bipolar.
Phew that's a long list, and by no means exhaustive but I only have so much room on my nails!
Anyway thanks for reading. X