Wednesday, 9 October 2013

knotty man...a tutorial

Yea okay so maybe the rubbish pun only works in norfolk where knotty and naughty sound the same lol. Anyway I love reading online tutorials and learning new things...and ive been wanting to make one for a while. Only problem is im not very hood at anything! Hmm im sure the shrink would dislike that comment intensely but anyway the things I *am* good at don't translate well to the internet...a tutorial on how to ring a bell might be tricky! Then I remembered these cute little fellas. When I go as staff to guide jamborees this is what I teach the kids all week long. It's kinda easier in person though so bear with me, and the hundreds of pics lol. And annoyingly i only had yellow cord which is nit ideal on a white background lol. Anyway you will need:
a key ring
1 large bead
2 small beads
2' piece of cord
1' piece of cord

Tecnically you can do whatever lengths you like keeping the proportions the same but these are nice manageable lengths to start with.

1. Thread the shorter cord through the keyrjng
2. Thread both ends of the cord throug the large bead in the same direction
3. Thread one small bead on each end
4. Tie a knot in each end to hold the beads on
5. Tape your man down (so he doesn't escape :p) with the small beads furthest from you
6. Thread the longer cord underneath the taped down cord and make it roughly even on each side
7. Lay the left hand end of the longer cord across the central cord
8. Take the right hand end of the longer cord and bring it straight down over what was the left hand end
9. Still with the right hand end pass under the centre cords diagonally
10. Take the end with your left hand and oull upwards

11. Keep pulling whilst also pulling the other end in your right hand. I don't have enough hands to photograph that! the above is what it looks like once pulled tight
12, 13, 14, 15, 16. Repeat exactly the same steps but this time laying the right cord over the centre and then working with the left
17. Keep repeating alternating sides each time
Option. If you want a spiral, stop alternating
18. When you reach the desired length for the body just knot each cord where you want the arms to end
18. Trim the ends and untape him

yay you made a friend :). Lol. Seriously I have no clue if this makes any if you do try it out let me know how you get on. Night night :). X

ps. Oh, once you know the knot it can be used for all kinds of things like lanyards or those shamballa style bracelets that were so popular a while back. X