Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Around the Web

Hmm one day I'll learn to sleep instead of playing on the Internet.... until that day I'll just collect random interesting articles and blogs and share them. Like:
-lucky 13 lacquer's post about her new polish in support of the butterfly project. It's a very brave post and a very special thing she's doing. The butterfly project is about helping people to stop selfharm... But she explains it better than me so clicky click.
- the agoraphobic fashionista's post about her personal signs that depression is creeping in. It's a lot more... real than clinical lists of symptoms (though they have their place of course!) And probably more meaningful to many people.
- this bbc article about how it feels to be airbrushed... We did a bit about body confidence, including an activity about airbrushing, with the guides last meeting so it stuck out to me.
- mara's post about the realities of ocd on which I came across in my quest to try to understand the disorder better for ocd week.

And memes :p...I will do a post sharing a whole load at some point (be warned that may not be *that* appropriate tbh). Night. X