Wednesday, 16 October 2013

33dc day 11-3d

Yea Yea I admit every day I say 'this really isn't my thing' but that's largely cos I'm me to this! So 'this really isn't my thing'. I don't own many nail embellishments and larger ones really don't suit my lifestyle tbh. What with ringing and guiding and caring, large things sticking up from my fingers don't stand a chance!
Anyway a few weeks ago I was introduced to she sells seashells... which is a fairly new site selling nail embellishments.... But wrote unusual ones. And, luckily for me, smaller/delicate ones. So I took the plunge and bought some itty bitty bows, some coppery studs and some neon stars.
It's the stars I used for this, one of each colour on each nail over color club silver. What can I say, I was feeling lazy!