Friday, 18 October 2013

33dc day 12- pattern from your home

Aka.... How many layers?!
Yea we don't really have many patterns in our house tbh...I didn't really notice this until I tried to find one lol. The few we do have are way too complicated for me!
So I plumped for bathroom tiles. Random.
I was already wearing smardy Bleu and glowing smardy because I received them in the post this week :). i was happy with the base colour but the glitter was a bit much for the look (amazing though btw!). I could of course have taken it off but I was feeling lazy and cba removing glitter... so I bunged on another coat of smardy Bleu to tone it down. I've added a pic of that cos I liked it lol. Then I sponged on bd snow, then a green colour club and a barielle I forget the name of. Then I painted the 'grout' on with a white models own pen. Then I mattified it with Essie matte about you. Then taped over the white lines and added hk girl top coat to put the gloss back everywhere else. I'm aware I could have just painted matte top coat onto the bits I wanted matte bit then the grouty bits would have been higher than the tile bits and that would be wrong.... Not that I'm obsessive at all lol.
So yes that's my millions of layers. It was meant to be the smaller files but it ended up more like the bigger ones oops nvm. X