Wednesday, 20 November 2013

33 day fail

Blah I haven't done anything for today. Only the second one since I've been home I'm meant to be catching up not getting more behind. Partly I'm just lacking in ideas cos my pinterest is pretty much empty and I don't really use a specific inspiration board. Partly I'm just having a rubbish day...I'm not sure why exactly? Back to reality slump? Lol.

Anyway instead of posting nothing I figured I'd post a little bit about new York to cheer myself up :p.

So new York, New York (it's a hell of a town.... behave Katie!). We arrived there totally shattered after our manic two weeks in Mexico, which I'll describe at a later date, and a lot later than planned! Pretty sure we spent more time waiting on the tarmac than flying Haha. But aaanyway moving on our first objective, after settling into our hotel just off fifth avenue, was fooood! We wandered for a bit before getting a recommendation from a local... For an Irish bar lol. Tasty though.
First proper day we took it easy starting with watching some of the memorial day parade followed by wandering round the local area. Oh and we found or way to macys... and their utterly bling Christmas department! A stroll to times Square to book tickets and have diver at hard rock Cafe and the evening was spent watching 'Rock of ages' on Broadway. Fun times.
Day Two we woke up to snow...Only a flurry but snow nonetheless. And it was seriously cold. And windy. And did I mention cold?! So we went on an open top bus tour. Of course Haha.
The tour was interesting though taking in downtown manhattan. We hopped off first at the 9/11 memorial which was....something. I remember the towers being hit, but I was twelve and the enormity of it was a little lost on me. It isn't anymore.
Back on the bus, after defrosting in Starbucks (a recurring theme!), and we headed for the rockerfeller centre. We timed the trip to the top just right to watch the sun going down :).
Day three was another frigid bus trip this time hopping off at battery Park to catch the boat out the the statue of liberty and Ellis Island. We toured what we could of the immigration museum.... though it's not back to full capacity after the hurricane yet. Oh and the sun came out... briefly. Learning about the hotch potch of cultures that have accumulated in new York and the USA at large over the years was fascinating. Then to test out endurance further we did the night time bus tour of lower manhattan hopping over into brooklyn for views back at the manhattan skyline.
Day four was warmer! Unfortunately we were done with the bus lol. Instead we took the subway up to Central Park (via a slightly circuitous route having accidently got in an express train oops!). We then ambled back via the reservoir, pen air threatre, 'Castle', Lake, puppet theatre, Strawberry fields, sheep's meadow and Icerink. Oh and past the zoo. Leaving central park, we went to carnegie Hall.... though only to the foyer cos we weren't booked on a tour lol. Then back to Tiffanys and that Diamond a wander through bloomingdales, the vestibule of the Chrysler building grand central station and finishing at the top of the empire state building. Phew.
Final day was only really a half day before heading to the airport. We spent some of the morning walking along the high line, raised gardens built on disused rail lines. Then.... free time! Where I snuck out to buy my two sole polish purchases of the holiday...a limit based on time restraint not personal restraint I can assure you Haha. Pictures below, opi vesper and Nicole by opi I lilac gumdrops.
Actually holiday snaps may appear but I haven't really looked through yet. Sorry this was sooo long, I waffle! Oh well I'll be back with my challenge post tomorrow. X